Do You Ever Feel Stressed in Your Life?

Honestly and truthfully now, have you ever felt stressed – buried in “just stuff” and can’t find the path out? I have. In fact, I’m usually in that mode. I’m way overloaded and there are too many tasks at hand. When you add suddenlies to it…Humpty Dumpty can fall right off the wall.

My husband has a medical issue. I have a medical issue. My closest friends have medical issues. I went to the gym today and tried to start working on my whale body. Might have to go swimming instead of those machines. Knees…ouch.  Aging joints, bad back…you know.

My boss has many tasks for me to do and he’s been out of town for a week. Some people started picking at my writing, and not particularly nicely, I might add. If I mess up, I want to know about it, as long as the person telling me isn’t rude. If they are rude, my inner Hulk shows up and it’s all I can do to be civil in return. My tongue has a lot of teeth marks in it from this week.

Then we can add a car breakdown that required purchase of a new vehicle. I love the new vehicle. I was grateful beyond measure for Post Falls Volkswagen‘s excellent service. Their sales guy, Terry, went above and beyond and even came to our house to do the paperwork so we didn’t have to sit in the dealership for hours: less than 45 minutes is all it took for he and Robert the finance guy to get it done.

They made it painless…of course except for that giant hole in our finances this month. We may have to eat beans and rice for the next 5 years, but at least it’s under warranty. If it breaks down there’s hope for repairs. It probably won’t, but older people like us are totally paranoid about such things.

So that’s my story- adding in prayer requests from people in seriously worse trouble than me, and you have at least part of the picture. Oh…hey I forgot the laundry in the dryer and still  have to do the dishes.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear…” Psalm 46:1,2a

Remember that little gem – it can get you through the toughest times.