Biography - Faye Higbee

I live in Idaho with my husband, Myron and our latest dog, Cash. We've been married 30+ years. I have two grown stepchildren and their spouses, and three grandchildren. I consider them "our kids" - the collective ones. Fortunately, their Mom is willing to share them (she's awesome too). So to Jerry - the real photographer in the family, Maddie,   Dr. Dana Higbee-Saunders, Chris, and Emma, Anna, and Kid's Mom Evelyn, I love you and am so thankful to be in the family.


Spending 31+ years at the Coeur d'Alene Police Department in North Idaho was both rewarding and interesting. Never a dull moment, as they say. I loved the police officers  even when we "locked horns" over things.

Two degrees in Criminal Justice and a penchant for wanting things to be "right" got me in more hot water than you can imagine.

Currently three of my books are in print- The Dog Paw Chronicles, Whispers of Heaven, and Bobby Convict with Bobby Wilhelm. My novel, Night Games will be republished at some point. I've written stories in Guidepost hardbacks, and have stories in "Miracles Still Happen" and "Extraordinary Miracles in the Lives of Ordinary People" through Harrison House.

I play piano, love photography, enjoy hunting for gemstones, do laundry, cook dinner, and have a small home church called Raven Ministries. Yes, world, I'm also a pastor. The church is called "Raven Ministries." Myron has to clean the house- I don't have time. Just kidding, sort of.

Also I'm on the Board of Bitterroot Mountain Publishing House. On the board, but not bored, as they say. And I am one of the editors for the Daily Brief with Capitol Hill Prayer Partners. Also administer an international prayer network called PraiseNet for A Company of Women International.

At this point in time, I work as Columnist Manager/Contributing Editor for a Marine Veterans' Group called Uncle Sam's Misguided Children (U.S.M.C.). We are on several social media along with our website.

I love my veterans and enjoy them immensely (although some are a crusty, they are loveable anyway). It is through them that I have met some famous and influential people, and find a place of ministry that few other Christians would ever want to do.

So there you have most of it in a nutshell...if you'd like to remember my name, so would I.